Seeds Experience Departamento I+D . (LAB)

Our R&D department focuses on researching and developing virtual reality with a neuroscientific approach, forging partnerships with universities and experts to optimise brain interaction with virtual environments. This way we improve the outcome of our experiences, adjusting perception and cognitive functions.


This collaboration, along with intellectual property protection, strengthens our ability to advance our research, publications and patents, consolidating our position in the market.


Also important to us is the collection and analysis of data through artificial intelligence, IoT, biomedical sensors and eye tracking, so we can apply these insights to optimise the extended experiences we are creating.

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Collaborations with Universities and Corporates

Collaboration with academic bodies and experts is key for us, broadening our knowledge and validating our work, enabling us to achieve breakthroughs and co-create innovative solutions;

Projects under development

  • Eye Tracking: We use eye tracking technology to analyse user attention in virtual environments, thus improving visual presentation and usability;
  • Interactivity: In addition, we develop interactive virtual experiences, using interaction data to optimise user engagement and retention.
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