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Dalí Challenge Barcelona

Reial Cercle Artistic Carrer dels Arcs, 5 Barcelona
June 13 to January 15

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Exposhows are physical spaces  where thematic virtual exhibitions, from education and awareness, to art and culture come to life.

We generate immersive experiences of meaningful learning based on the latest scientific evidence so that the change generated in people is the maximum possible.

Our R+D department focuses on researching and developing virtual reality with a neuroscientific approach, forging partnerships with universities and experts to optimise brain interaction with virtual environments.



Who we are

At SEEDS XR, we use immersive technologies such as virtual reality, mixed reality or spatial computing to create experiences that transform and enrich people’s lives, extended realities focused on improving mental well-being, education and enhancing culture.

Our multidisciplinary team takes care of it: storytellers, psychologists, neuroscientists, cutting-edge technologists, creative producers, innovative artists and visionary designers.


Everyone, collaborating together to design experiences that are memorable, that mark a transformative milestone in the lives of those who enter them.

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