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Living a virtual reality experience in the first person has 4 times more impact on the understanding, awareness and prevention of situations when they could be the protagonists in real life. It is key to give them the tools so that they have the ability to act when necessary. 

VR Workshops

In our virtual reality workshops, participants directly experience diverse situations within meticulously designed environments. These immersions, whose content is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are aimed at maximizing learning and personal transformation.
We offer a wide catalog of virtual experiences that facilitate development and coexistence in your center or institution, continuously and with measurable results. Our programs include virtual experiences, training units on emotional intelligence, team training, and access to evaluation metrics.

Project highlights


What do the clients and institutions that have worked with us think?

“The awareness of our students has improved a lot, they are passionate about using technology and the families of the school like the programme very much”.

Aroa Bofill
Director, Santa Claus English Academy School

“We have data on the 35 sports centres that we have registered, we know that they are carrying out improvement actions and we are much calmer”.

Josep Juaneda
Island director of education, youth and sports


The total duration is 1 hour, introduction, prior knowledge questionnaire, viewing of the VR content, subsequent dialogue, explanation by the specialist and questionnaire of what we have learned.

Although there is no explicit limitation, it is recommended from the last year of primary school, ESO, high school, vocational training and university. For younger children it is logistically and cognitively more complicated.

From the data we collect from the anonymous questionnaires we use in the workshops, we generate a subsequent report for the center’s teachers with summary information, to be able to detect and plan subsequent actions with the students.

We have glasses kits for workshops, but we can also supply them through renting and purchase systems by the educational center.

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