At SEEDS XR, we use immersive technologies such as virtual reality, mixed reality and spatial computing to create experiences that transform and enrich people’s lives, extended realities focused on improving mental wellbeing, education and enhancing culture.

Our multidisciplinary team is in charge: storytellers, psychologists, neuroscientists, cutting-edge technologists, creative producers, innovative artists and visionary designers. All collaborating together to design experiences that are memorable, that mark a transformative milestone in the lives of those who enter them.


We have a team of experts in science and technology ready to advise you at every stage of your project. From conceptualisation to implementation, offering personalised support to make the most of the potential of immersive media in your strategy.

State-of-the-art production

Our production team is made up of passionate professionals who strive to take your ideas to the next level. From creation to production, we excel at delivering exceptional functional and impactful results.

Development of Innovative Projects

We drive disruptive visions thanks to both our strong investment in R&D and our prototyping lab. This is how we fulfil our mission to constantly innovate in the field of immersive communication.


Our Partner Programme seeks to forge strong partnerships with companies, institutions and startups aligned with our values and mission, in sectors such as emotional and mental health, education, arts, culture and edutainment. If you are looking to offer innovative VR/AR/XR solutions that deliver high value, we aspire to become your key strategic partner.


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