At SEEDS XR we don't just build extended worlds, we forge emotional connections that linger in the memory.

EXPOSHOWS are immersive exhibitions in physical spaces that, through their themes, protagonists and stories, seek to raise playful and educational awareness of relevant social issues. A new form of artistic dissemination that seeks an innovative and close connection with the community through the direct experimentation of its contents.

Project highlights

How do we do it?

A revolutionary immersive format that combines technology, art and audience participation, with narratives that promote significant social change, aiming for a more equitable society, aligned with the ODS.


What do clients and institutions who have worked with us say?

The awareness of our students has increased, they are passionate about using technology and the parents of the school love the programme.

Aroa Bofill
Directora, Santa Claus English Academy School

We have data from the 35 sports centres that we have registered, we know that they are taking action to improve and we are much more reassured.

Josep Juaneda
Director insular d'educació, joventut i esports
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