White rabbit

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Pg. de Gràcia, 55, L'Eixample, 08007 Barcelona, España


April 2024




White Rabbit is an experience that helps you discover Barcelona’s cultural curiosities in a surprising and entertaining way. It is a journey through 10 installations, each one presenting a local cultural curiosity through an artistic or technological discipline, interpreted by an artist linked to Barcelona. This immersive installation is an ode to the cultural richness of Catalonia and its most vibrant traditions. Through CGI technology and the most advanced 360º recording equipment, we have managed to encapsulate in a single space celebrations that have been inspiring successive generations. As the epicentre of the experience, and thanks to virtual reality, you can immerse yourself in the legend of Sant Jordi, climb to the top of a ‘castell’ or dance among the fireworks and sparks of a ‘correfoc’. All with the aim of offering a unique perspective, typical of those fortunate enough to experience these traditions first hand. Get ready to witness an authentic manifestation of human creativity and the cultural richness of Catalonia.


Virtual Reality / CGI Technology / 360º Recording

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