Innovation in Intelligence Training: The New Frontier with 2WIB and Virtual Reality

At SeedsXR, we are taking virtual reality training to a new level. We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with 2WIB – WorldWide Intelligence Base, a leading name in security consulting. This step forward in our training vertical focuses on the development of a HUMINT training programme, designed for intelligence and information operators of the State Security Forces as well as our Armed Forces.

This innovative programme harnesses the power of virtual reality to simulate interrogation and interview environments, providing operators with a safe platform to hone their skills. By collaborating with a team of specialist psychologists, we are creating an immersive training experience that allows participants to improve their human intelligence skills without the risks associated with real-world practice.

Virtual reality training offers an unprecedented experience, immersing professionals in realistic situations that significantly enhance their operational and decision-making skills. This approach is not only innovative but also effective, marking a milestone in the preparation of our security, investigative and intelligence professionals.

At SeedsXR, our commitment to innovation in the field of virtual reality training is unwavering, and this agreement is a testament to our efforts to remain at the forefront of educational technology.

While we are not yet able to share all the details, we invite you to stay tuned for future updates. We are excited to reveal more about how virtual reality is revolutionising security and intelligence training – get ready to be part of this transformation!

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