Dalí Challenge: An Innovative Journey to the Heart of Art and Education

More than a year ago, Seeds XR embarked on an unprecedented adventure, the #DesafíoDalí, a project that fuses education and entertainment (“edutainment”) under the guidance of two exceptional figures: Nuria Botey Sedo and Miguel de la Ossa from ArtDidaktik. This challenge has not only allowed us to explore new frontiers in education, but also to pay tribute to the trust and opportunity provided by these visionary entrepreneurs. To them, our sincere thanks.

The inauguration of Desafío Dalí took place on 11 October, after opening its doors at Espacio IFEMA Madrid on 8 October. This exclusive event allowed us to immerse ourselves in the Dalí experience, shared with those who have contributed to the project and a select group of guests.

The exhibition is a visual and sensory odyssey that invites visitors to enter the universe of Salvador Dalí. With 160 digitised works, micro-mapping techniques, augmented and virtual reality, it extends over 2000 m² of gallery space, revolving around the intriguing question: “What do you know about me?”, posed by the genius of surrealism himself.

We would like to extend special thanks to the team behind this project: Juan Gomez, Salva Mestres, Fernando Sueiro, Oscar Nofre, Jorge Lopez, David Santin, Alejandro Martin, David Haro, and Pau Vivancos, whose professionalism and passion have been indispensable in many aspects of this experience, making it truly unique.

The #DesafíoDalí is more than an exhibition; it is an invitation to rediscover Dalí through innovation and technology, offering a new perspective on his work and genius. Seeds XR is proud to have participated in this project, which not only celebrates Dalí’s legacy but also breaks new ground in education through art and technology.

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